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The Nurturing Difference

With discount massage franchise businesses opening new locations all around us, why choose an independent practice like Nurture You?  Because those massage franchises can charge less because they pay their therapists so little.  Consequently, there is a high rate of turnover, as therapists gain beginning experience there and then accept higher paying positions elsewhere. You may get the same therapist twice, or, more likely, you may end up having to start all over again with someone new to you, and have to explain each time what you need out of massage.

Finding the right "fit" in a massage therapist, is a lot like match-making.  It's a collaborative effort.  Not every therapist is right for every client, regardless of skills and training.  When you find a therapist with whom you can establish a rapport - one who listens to what you say and is responsive to your requests - then when you see them on a regular basis, they can tell what treatment your body needs from one time to the next because they know your muscles and soft tissues, just as your hairdresser can tell what your hair needs because they know your hair.  Would you go to a different hairdresser from one time to the next?

Below you'll see that with women's comfort uppermost in mind, I chose a massage table that has a distinct advantage over every other one on the market. You can click the link to see the difference and the benefit to you ladies.
Traditional table vs. Nirvana 2n1 table

Or you can just look at the photo to get an idea. Can you say, "ahhhhhhhhhhhh...."


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